Feb 29, 2024

Western Province Dominates SPAR & Tops at SPAR Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 Midway Mark

The SPAR & Tops at SPAR Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 has reached its halfway point, hosted at the Wynberg Military Base and UCT in the Western Cape. Western Province teams have emerged as the dominant force, shaping the narrative of both the men’s and women’s tournaments.

In the women’s tournament, Western Province delivered an exceptional performance, clinching a 2-1 victory against the formidable KZN Raiders. This marked the first defeat for the KZN Raiders in 20 games at the Indoor IPT, tracing back to the 2019 final against Southern Gauteng. Daniella de Oliveira gave Western Province the lead, countered by Lilian du Plessis for the KZN Raiders. Michelle Winter secured the historic win with a goal in the 38th minute, propelling Western Province to the top spot in Pool A.

Both teams have secured spots in the semi-finals alongside Northern Blues and North West. The latter secured their place with a narrow 3-2 victory over Mpumalanga, highlighted by a crucial penalty stroke save by Leane Mclaren when the scores were level at 1-1.

Southern Gauteng seized a morale-boosting victory over Wits, gearing up for the 5-8 playoffs where they will face WP Peninsula, still seeking their first win of 2024.

In the men’s tournament, the day culminated in a highly anticipated clash between the KZN Raiders and Western Province. Western Province seized an early lead through Ryan Julius and demonstrated championship prowess with Mustapha Cassiem netting four goals, securing a convincing victory.

Earlier matches saw KZN Raiders maintain their perfect record with a 2-1 victory over SG Wits, while Northern Blues and Witsies engaged in a thrilling 10-goal encounter. Mpumalanga secured their first victory with a late 6-5-win, courtesy of captain Michael Kendall’s double.

Southern Gauteng secured a 4-1 victory against Mpumalanga in their morning fixture, positioning themselves second in the pool standings by the end of the second day.

As the tournament progresses, the women’s finalists will soon be determined, while the men’s finalists’ positions are nearing confirmation. Following Friday’s games, the inaugural South African Indoor Hockey awards will be hosted, marking a milestone moment in the sport’s history.

SPAR & Tops at SPAR Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 – Day 2 Results

Men’s A Section
Western Province 14-1 Northern Blues
KZN Raiders 2-1 SG Witsies
Southern Gauteng 4-1 Mpumalanga
SG Witsies 4-6 Northern Blues
Mpumalanga 6-5 KZN Mynahs
Western Province 7-3 KZN Raiders

Men’s B Section
WP Peninsula 10-0 Northern Daisies
Eastern Province 8-6 WP Disa
WP Peninsula 4-1 Eastern Province
Northern Daisies 0-17 WP Disa

Women’s A Section
KZN Raiders 6-1 Southern Gauteng
North West 3-2 Mpumalanga
KZN Raiders 1-2 Western Province
Southern Gauteng 6-0 SG Witsies
WP Peninsula 0-3 Northern Blues
Western Province 6-0 SG Witsies

Women’s B Section
Eastern Gauteng B 0-8 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 3-4 Northerns Daisies
Eastern Gauteng A 2-1 Eastern Province
Eastern Gauteng A 1-3 WP Disa
KZN Mynahs 5-2 Eastern Province
Eastern Gauteng B 1-6 Northerns Daisies

SPAR & Tops at SPAR Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 – Standings

SPAR & Tops at SPAR Indoor Hockey IPT 2024 – Day 3 Fixtures

Men’s A Section
SG Witsies vs. KZN Mynahs
KZN Raiders vs. Mpumalanga
Western Province vs. Southern Gauteng
Western Province vs. KZN Mynahs
Southern Gauteng vs. SG Witsies
Mpumalanga vs. Northern Blues

Men’s B Section
Semi-Final – WP Disa Vs. Northern Daisies
Semi-Final – WP Peninsula Vs. Eastern Province

Women’s A Section
5-8 Playoff – Mpumalanga vs. SG Witsies
5-8 Playoff – Southern Gauteng vs. WP Peninsula
Semi-Final – Northern Blues vs. KZN Raiders
Semi-Final – Western Province vs. North West

Women’s B Section
Northerns Daisies vs. WP Disa
KZN Mynahs vs. Eastern Gauteng A
Eastern Province vs. Eastern Gauteng B
Semi-Final – 1st Pool A vs. 4th Pool A
Semi-Final – 2nd Pool A vs. 3rd Pool A
5th Pool A vs. 6th Pool A

Photo – Zac Zinn / ES Media

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