Jan 23, 2024

South Africa Women’s Hockey5s Team Embarks on Historic Journey at Inaugural FIH Hockey5s World Cup in Muscat

South Africa’s Women’s Hockey5s team is set to make history as they kick off their participation in the first-ever FIH Hockey5s World Cup in Muscat, Oman on Wednesday. The highly anticipated tournament features 16 teams, divided into four groups, with the top two from each group advancing to the quarter-finals.

The South African squad, led by seasoned players Izelle Cilliers, Dirkie Chamberlain, and Toni Marks, boasts a wealth of experience from previous major tournaments, bringing a combination of skill, determination, and leadership to the global stage.

Under the expert guidance of former Olympian Tsoanelo Pholo, the team is geared up for a challenging yet thrilling competition. Pholo, who brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the coaching role, is confident in the team’s abilities to showcase their talent in the fast-paced and dynamic Hockey5s format.

The South African Women’s Hockey5s team is scheduled to face Zambia in their opening match, followed by encounters against Australia and Ukraine. With a strategic game plan and a strong team spirit, they are eager to make their mark and progress through the tournament.

Fans and enthusiasts alike can catch all the action on the FIH platform Watch.Hockey by purchasing a pass for R100. This exclusive pass not only grants access to the South Africa Women’s Hockey5s matches but every match of the tournament and includes coverage of the men’s tournament, providing a comprehensive viewing experience for hockey enthusiasts.

As the South African Women’s Hockey5s team embarks on this historic journey, they carry with them the hopes and support of a nation. Join us in cheering for our team as they aim to leave their mark on the inaugural FIH Hockey5s World Cup in Muscat.

SA Womens Hockey5s Fixtures – FIH Hockey5s World Cup 2024
24 January 06:50 – South Africa vs. Zambia
24 January 13:40 – South Africa vs. Australia
25 January 06:50 – South Africa vs. Ukraine

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