One of the most experienced players included in the South African National Women’s Hockey team is Lillian Du Plessis, who earlier this year played her 100th match for her country.

When and against who did you make your debut?

I made my debut in 2012 in Ireland against Ireland at the Champions Challenge tournament.

Name three highlights from your career:

I have so many highlights from my five years in the national team but if I had to choose my top 3 they would be: Finishing in the Top 8 at the u21 World Cup in Germany in 2013; Going to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014; Going to World Cup in The Hague.

Did you ever expected to reach 100 games?

It’s been a rollercoaster ride. There have been so many highs and lows along the way, the highs definitely outweighing the lows. If I had been asked after my first cap if I would ever expect to reach 100 games, I probably would have said no but I'm so honoured and overwhelmed to have reached this milestone and I hope to continue on as far as my body will let me.

What are you still looking forward to as a player?

There is so much to look forward to and the hockey calendar for the next two years looks extremely exciting, I hope to be a part of all the events such as World League Round 3 in Johannesburg (my home town) in July and also the World Cup and Commonwealth Games tournaments next year. I just want to keep getting better as a player to a point where I can say I have reached the goals that I have aspired to reach.

Can you describe the pride/emotion you feel when playing for your country?

I love playing for my country. Singing the national anthem and standing next to my teammates is an emotion that is difficult to describe. I feel proud and excited every time I step on the field whether it is in training or a national match. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I’m living my dream.