The Belgium women’s hockey team won its first match against South Africa in the Cape Town Summer Series.

Belgium’s Anne-Sophie Weyns scored the winning goal in the 54th minute.  South Africa did get opportunities to not only draw the game, but also get a win with four penalty corners in the last 3 minutes. Belgium’s goalkeeper Aisling D’Hooghe denied the home team though with great work in the goal box.

The first chukka was like a war of attrition between the two sides with all the action taking place in the midfield and the goalkeepers rarely getting something to do. Both teams stepped it up in the second chukka, but it was the visitors that took control of the game in the third and final chukkas.

In the final minutes of the last quarter South Africa through everything they had at Belgium. Especially after Weyns scored the goal, but the ball just did not hit the back of the goal box.

Belgium is 14th on the world rankings and South Africa 13th.

The next match for the SA women in the series is Friday at 18:00 against Belgium. It is also the last match in the Summer Series.