The South African men’s hockey team lost the third and final test match against Holland in the Cape Town Summer Series, but the players will do themselves a favour if they rather just focus on the first 30 minutes because it was in this half that the team showed what they are capable off.

Holland won 5-1. For the first 30 minutes the South Africans did exactly what their captain Tim Drummond wanted from them though – they defended strong and was much more aggressive on the attack.

The local team’s radar was a bit off, with many shots at goal going wide. The positive aspect is that they created chances and played positive hockey. In the second half Drummond and his men mostly defended after the visitors scored with 30 seconds left before halftime.

The Dutch goals were scored by captain Bob de Voogd, Glenn Schuurman, Rik van Kan, Jip Janssen and Thierry Brinkman.

South Africa’s goal came late in the match courtesy of a penalty corner converted by Daniel Bell.

Holland is 3rd on the world rankings and South Africa 15th. It was Jonty Robinson’s 100th game for his country while youngster Siyavuya Nolutshungu made his debut for South Africa.

The next matches in the series are on Monday when both South African teams take on Belgium. The women will get the action going at 18:00 and the men will play at 20:00. The series comes to an end on Friday.