The penultimate test in the Private Property Summer Series were played at Bishops on Friday. The second and last test is tomorrow at 16:00 in Stellenbosch at the Maties Astro.

Tanya Britz scored South Africa's only goal of the match. The score at halftime was 2-1 for the visitors and the local team was still very much in the game. According to the coach Sheldon Rostron his team played well to start with. "In general we played with lots of energy, but did not reward ourselves for the effort."

He added that the inexperienced and very young midfield struggled to keep the tempo in the second 30 minutes of the match. "I thought we played well in the first half, but in the second half the wheels came off so to speak. We did not play according to our structures."

The turnaround to the second match is limited, but Rostron believes that why his team lost is no mystery. "We know what we did wrong and we know what we must do to make it right. We will work on the discipline and structure - especially when the Germans launch a counterattack - in the limited time that we have."

He added: "We showed in the first 30 and in the previous meeting during the World League that we can play with them. It will take some more training and playing together to make sure we can do it for a full match though."