Scotland won the test at Hartleyvale 1-0 after losing the first two tests. It was a big turn around from Saturday’s 1-8 defeat they suffered. In the second test everything hit the back of the goal box for South Africa, but on Sunday the ball went everywhere expect the back of the box.

Robyn Collins scored the only goal of the match shortly after halftime. In the second quarter Scotland had five penalty corners in a row, but had to wait until the 32nd minute for only their second goal in the series.

It was a scrappy match in general. Such a contrast from the second test once again.

SA’s coach Sheldon Rostron said: “We decided to pick our younger side today to give them an opportunity to gain some valuable international experience. We also experimented a bit in certain positions and it obviously did not work like we hoped. Some of the senior players were rested with our big focus now being the next two tests against Germany. With the first two tests against Scotland we set the standard so today we tried a few things. We lacked on the defence, but we did create opportunities.”

The next matches in the series for the SA women’s team are on Friday and Saturday against Germany at Bishops and in Stellenbosch respectively.

The SA men’s team plays Germany tomorrow for the last time. Action starts at 18:00 at Hartleyvale.