The South African Hockey Association paid tribute to the retiring Rhett Halkett.

“SA Hockey is incredibly thankful and proud of the service of the game from Rhett. Having played for South Africa on 157 occasions Rhett always played with a grit and determination that is the embodiment of the South African spirit. We wish Rhett all the best for his future endeavours and have no doubt that he will be success wherever he goes.” Shared SA Hockey CEO Marissa Langeni.

Rhett was named as the 2016 South African Hockey Player of the Year and has represented South Africa 157 times. Included in those caps was a selection of the top hockey tournaments. Rhett played in three Hockey World Cups (2010, 2014 & 2018), 2 Commonwealth Games (2014 & 2018) and of course the London Olympic Games in 2012. He also competed in and won four African Cup of Nations.

His abilities on the field saw him offered a contract in Europe a decade ago and in his time there he has played in 4 seasons in the Dutch top league, the Hoofdklasse, and 5 Bundesliga seasons with Mannheimer and now Hamburg. He has also appeared in two editions of club hockey’s finest competition the Euro Hockey League.

“There were few things that gave you as much of a sense of comfort watching hockey as having Rhett as your last line of defence,” shared SA Hockey Media Officer Tyron Barnard, “he had a superb ability to read the game and make interceptions, while his short corner defending offered many students the textbook approach to the game. I also think there are many strikers in the world that will not miss the sight of Rhett taking on kicking back duties!”

The South African Hockey Association would like to thank Rhett for his years of service and wish him well for the future.