South Africa made a promising start to the match when Keenan Horne and Daniel Bell scored to give the home team a 2-0 lead after just seven minutes. But goals from Arnold Pilt, Tobias Hauke and Christopher Ruhr gave Germany a 3-2 lead at halftime.

In the third quarter Florian Fuchs and Jonas Gomoll scored for Germany. The final 15 minutes Fuchs scored the last goal.

Any scoring opportunities for South Africa were shut down so quickly. The most frustrating part of the match for the South Africans would have been their inability to keep possession on the attack. Too many wayward passes made the hard battle even tougher.

When conceding six goals it is difficult to see how South African could have been good on the defense, but the team were. Goalkeeper Rassie Pieterse and the back trio of captain Rhett Halkett and youngsters Dylan Swanepoel and Daniel Bell did give a good performance. Their dogged defense saved some sure goals. The pace of this match was really fast and by the end it was visible that the players were getting a bit tired.

“The scores in the matches showed the difference between the top 3 team and a team outside the top 12. But in the same breath it is not like we were outplayed for the full 60 minutes in any of the games. We just can’t maintain the kind of play we produce at certain times. And the reality is that we don’t train together on a regular basis. I am still proud of the group and our performance. We played positively; never gave up or just rolled matter the score or how tough it got,” said Halkett.

The last matches in the summer series are when SA women take on Germany on Friday and Saturday at Bishops and in Stellenbosch respectively.