The Level 2 Sport Directions as issued on 28 August 2020 on Gazette 43667 remain in effect. SA Hockey made a submission in compliance with the Level 2 directions for approval for the return to train and play for the greater hockey community. This submission was made on 03 September and is yet to be approved by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture.

We further note that South Africa has since moved to Level 1 as at midnight on Sunday 20th September. This move to Level 1 is regulated by Gazette 43725 as issued by the Minister of Co-operative Governance on 18 September. Gazette 43725 directs the further easing of regulations for various activities including sport for both professional and non- professional matches. This easing of regulations, however must follow the directions of the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture. Level 1 directions for sport have not as yet been made available. SA Hockey will make further adjustments, if needed to the submission already made, if the Level 1 Directions determine a need for it.

The National State of Disaster has been extended till 15 October 2020. Whilst the National State of Disaster remains in effect, South African Hockey as a National Federation need to continue to observe and comply with all regulations as issued by the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture.  

We are acutely aware that the delayed return to play for hockey has created a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, as members are desperate to get back to playing the sport they love. We are hoping that the wait will not be much longer given the positive weekly feedback received from the department to date. We request that members continue to observe and comply with regulations as & when they are issued by national government, the relevant Ministers and SA Hockey. School Sport remains under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Basic Education and the relevant directives issued by that department.