After consultation with the hosts of all our Regional and National Events for 2020 as well as the SASHOC Executive, we regretfully need to inform you that all SASHOC Events for 2020 has been cancelled. The implications of the Covid 19 pandemic and the ‘state of disaster’ declared by the President, as well we the further extended lockdown, has contributed to a position that we can no longer sanction SASHO  events. It will be unrealistic to host any meaningful events for this year.

Boland has indicated that they are unable to host any of the Nationals given the extension of the lockdown and the uncertainty going forward. The Regional LOC’s have also expressed their willingness to postpone / cancel etc. If lockdown is eased, the further uncertainty of how many people will be allowed to be assembled is also an issue. Taking into consideration that regions will not have enough time to prepare teams, organize transport and the affordability of parents having not worked during this time has all impacted on the decision to discontinue with Events

Added to this discussion followed around that Schools could possibly only open in Term 3. The completion of the academic year will be a priority in all schools and this will place lots of pressure on educators to recover academic time. Holidays (if any) and Saturdays will likely be used by schools.

Any deviation from this directive must be communicated to SASHOC as all hockey events will be unsanctioned. The continued health and safety of our players and officials are critical. None of us have faced a challenge of this type and magnitude before.

Bursary applications and school awards for those in grade 12 might be influenced for 2020. Regions should consider hockey testimonials for those players within their HP system. SASHOC will continue with their HP squads with all players within their system and recommendations have been made for the u18’s to be considered for any u21 HP camps running up to the World Cup.