The South African Hockey Association (SAHA) and the Players for Transformation (PFT) movement held a meeting today that was facilitated by Mr Barry Hendricks (2nd Vice President) from the South African Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

At the meeting, SAHA and PFT discussed various issues relating to transformation of hockey in South Africa and the way forward.

The main outcomes of the meeting were as follows:

  1. A Transformation Indaba for hockey will be taking place (to be facilitated by SASCOC) - the full details will be released once they are confirmed;
  2. A Task Team (team) has been created to accelerate the pace of transformation of hockey (at all levels – school, provincial and national) in South Africa;
  3. The team is comprised of representatives from both SAHA and PFT. The SAHA members are Shaune Baaitjies (SAHA Governance & Transformation Subcommittee Chairperson) and two other SAHA members to be added. The PFT members are Phumelela Mbande and Shane Johnson;
  4. The team will agree on the Terms of Reference by Friday, 30 November 2018; and
  5. The team will then have its first meeting in December 2018.

The team will then report back to their respective constituencies regarding the work of the team. It is hoped that this will result in proactive and meaningful steps towards the achievement of transformation of hockey in South Africa.